Exam Questions for the Real World

Exam Questions for the Real World

Remember sitting in a cold gym staring at something like this?

  • If a ladder of length three and a half metres is leaning against a wall such that the top of the ladder meets the bottom of a window two metres and 60 centimetres up, what is the inclination angle (α) of the ladder? (3 marks)
  • What is the distance between point A (where the ladder meets the ground) and point B (the base of the wall)? (3 marks)

Questions like that often occur on school maths exam papers. The answer is to use a little bit of basic trigonometry to find the angle. A few quick taps on a calculator and we’re good - six marks, well done.

Now, in all honesty, since the time of doing your school exams, how many times have you looked at a ladder leaning on the wall and really wanted to know its angle of inclination?

I know I haven’t.

For whatever reason, school exams are much more concerned with ladders than mortgages and life insurance.

But those are questions that might actually come in handy in day-to-day life;

  • If a couple have a 25 year repayment mortgage of £160,000, at an average interest rate of 3.8%, what amount is left after year eight? (4 marks)
  • What life insurance cover should they opt for? (2 marks)

With an absence of relevant training, we leave school and are thrust into a world of personal finance that can feel overwhelming. Unfortunately, we don’t determine the school curriculum here at QuickQuoteLife

Fortunately, we do have advisors who, once they’d finished with angles, wanted to expand their knowledge and master personal finance. Not only do they know the answer to the questions posed above, but they know exactly where to go to get the right cover to suit their clients - that’s you.

If you call today, you will have the opportunity to speak to one of those knowledgeable insurance advisors. They’ll listen to you about your circumstances, talk to you about the aspects of cover that you haven’t considered, and work out an insurance policy tailored to fit.

It only takes about 15 to 20 minutes to get the groundwork done, and we’re there to answer the phone immediately – no long periods on hold or trying to get a machine to understand what options we want.

  • If you want life insurance but don’t consider yourself a specialist, who should you ring? (10 marks)


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