Life Insurance and Murder

In the deep darkness of the night, there is one aspect of life insurance which is little discussed:


Killing for the Insurance pay out

One of the biggest motivators for murder is money. Imagine the temptation for some people, either living thought difficult times, or just annoyed at their spouse’s irritating teeth-grinding at night, to look at the value of a life insurance pay out and think – that could be all mine.

Perhaps astonishingly, life insurance companies do pay out in cases of murder. After all, it isn’t usually the beneficiary who is to blame for the crime.

But what if they are the murderer?

3 Real Life Insurance Murders (or Murder Attempts)

(not for the squeamish)

£244,000 for Arif and Bibi in 2016

Here there was definitely some planning. Marrying a man almost 30 years her senior only two days after her divorce went through, Rukhsana Bibi then worked with her lover, Muhammed Arif to take out a life insurance policy worth slightly short of a quarter of a million pounds on her new elderly husband.

Six months later, they killed him with a dozen blows to the head and slashed throat to try to claim the money.


Both Arif and Bibi are currently in jail for life.

£250,000 for Wilson and Fairpo in 2013

Never trust a hitman! Lisa Fairpo pursuaded husband Andrew Burr to increase his life insurance policy by ten times and then plotted with her lover Darren Wilson to have him assassinated – allowing her to claim the quarter of a million jackpot. She even offered to pay the increased premiums despite their separation – suspicious!

It all went wrong when the prospective hitman had a rush of sense and went to the police himself to break the whole conspiracy wide open.

Lucky Andrew!

£110,000 for Aziz in 2011

A classic case of ‘take out insurance on the wife and the plot her death’, Mohammed Tariq Aziz killed the mother of five after insuring her for more than a hundred grand because he had ‘financial difficulties’.

He too is serving life at Her Majesty’s pleasure.

The Right Advice

Any one of our advisors would have quickly informed these horrific people that nothing could be gained by their actions (right before making a call to the police themselves). Thankfully, the number of murders-for-insurance remains statistically low.

There are many ways to benefit from life insurance, not the least of which is to simply have it!

There are plenty of life insurance policies which come with lots of additional extras, from cinema tickets and a free coffee every week, to gym memberships and the latest fitness technologies – these latter ones are part of an initiative by insurance providers to prolong your life and thus make it less likely they have to pay out, which is good for everyone.

In addition to a free coffee, you can get endowment investments with life insurance, and use life insurance to cover inheritance tax bills. All great- and legal- ways to benefit from the system.


Give us a call today to see what real benefits can be gained from choosing the right life insurance provider, and leave the criminal plotting for another day.

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