The Whole of Life

Something has to be said for simplicity. In a world where so much seems so complicated (honestly, try understanding the full gamut of things covered by Critical Illness Cover without any help!), the pure clarity of Whole of Life insurance is a joy.

Let me share with you a moment from Quick Quote Life’s training on the subject:

Trainer: How long does Whole of Life insurance cover you for?

Trainee [thinking it’s a trick question]: Umm..?

Trainer: You can do this!

Trainee [tentatively]: The whole of your life?

Trainer: Perfect! Now, how long do you think you have to keep up payments?

Trainee: Umm, the whole of your life?

Trainer: You’re getting this! Just to check, if you die at 91, are you covered?

Trainee [still tentative]: Yes?

Trainer: It’s part of your life, so yes! You are covered for the whole of your life! It’s called Whole of Life, you pay for the whole of your life, and you are covered for the whole of your life.

Ah, simplicity!

So that’s it – article over! Whole of Life policy explained in a nutshell!

6 other things that last the whole of life!

1 – A Dog

“A dog is for life, not just for Christmas.” The famous Dogs Trust slogan is nearly 40 years old, but remains as true now as it did then. Any pet is a serious undertaking, but a dog is that much more of a responsibility than a goldfish or hamster. Depending on your age, and the health of your puppy, a dog can definitely be a whole of life commitment, but quite a fun one at that!

2 – A Scar

Yup, scars last forever! Though they will fade with age, and some of them might seem to disappear entirely, the skin that healed and formed a scar never actually goes back to being soft baby skin. Don’t reject your scars though – embrace the experiences that made you who you are!

3 – Cast-Iron Frying Pans

OK, so this isn’t a company endorsement, or a guarantee, but cast-iron frying pans are so sturdy that despite constant use, they should definitely last you a lifetime, and even more, as you can pass them to the next generation. Who doesn’t want to fry eggs in the same pan that granny made breakfast in when they were a kid?

4 – A Plastic Bottle

Thankfully, our society is fully committed to recycling, but before that plenty of plastic bottles were just consigned to landfill sites. With a biodegrading time of 450+ years, those plastic bottles that you dumped when you were a kid will still be around well after you have gone, and your children, and your grandchildren!

So be responsible and keep on top of the recycling!

5 – Recorded Memories

Whether it’s a photo, a piece of writing, or a three-minute video clip, today’s technology means that things we record today are very likely to survive the test of time to be available for generations to come. Whereas previous generations have struggled to leave an indelible mark on the world, we live in a time where it is almost inevitable – choose what you say wisely!

6 – Starlight

Look up into the night sky and the lights you see are from the past. With the massive distance of space, and the time it takes light to reach us, we’re really seeing light that is months and years old. It takes a very bright star for its light to still be visible from the far past (or from very far away) and our own sun would be indistinct 60 light years away, but some are that bright. In fact, the star Rho Cassiopeiae is estimated to be 8,000 to 12,000 light years away, meaning if you look at it now, you are looking at light around ten thousand years old, while the ancient Greeks were first inventing agriculture!

So plenty of stars shining their light today will not have that light viewed until decades have passed, and that light will be streaming across the solar system for the whole of your life!

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