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Self Employed Income Protection Policy Features Explained*

Continuous Cover Perfect for contractors as work may not always be continuous but illness can strike at any time. Gaps between contracts can cause issues with some insurers but our insurers factor this in by including continuous cover for up to 3 months between contracts.

Fixed Benefit Option  
Prove & “Fix” your cover amount at the application stage. This ensures that a 75% proportion of a successful claim will be paid regardless of your income immediately prior to the claim.

Minimum Benefit Guarantee  Fix your benefit (up to £1000 per month) in return for providing simplified financial evidence at the point of claim.

Up to 60% Cover Available of your ‘take home’ income as a self-employed individual.

We accept dividends as part of your income  Some insurers do not accept these but we have insurers on our panel that appreciate as a self-employed person, your income can come in many forms.

Own Occupation Cover Our insurers only ever assess claims against your own occupation regardless of what you do for a living.

Flexible Cover from £500 to £10,000 a month (Evidence of income only required if a benefit of £5833+ is requested) 

Flexible Claims Periods to suit your specific needs & budget.  Choose a Limited Claims Period of 2 or 5 years if you want cover at a lower cost or a Long-Term Claim Period (included as standard with selected insurers from our panel), this will pay your benefit amount until a date chosen by you.

Waiver of Premium Included as Standard Some providers will charge an additional premium for this benefit but our insurers can pay the premiums for the duration of your claim after the waiting period until the claims end.

Day 1 Cover Available from the first day you are unable to work (if you are off work 3+ days). Perfect for the self-employed or those who have no sick pay & their business is dependent on them being well to continue bringing income in.

Flexible Waiting Periods
are also available from 1 week to 1 year.   If you are lucky enough to have money put away for a 'rainy day' & could manage your bills if you were taken ill for a month for example, flexible waiting periods can help to bring your premium down the longer the period is that you could manage.  

Guaranteed Insurability Option included as standard with selected insurers. You can increase your benefit by a maximum of 20% or £500 a month (whichever is lower) without providing medical information at significant life stages such as getting married, having a baby or moving house (refer to policy documentation for more info).

Short & Long Term Policy breaks available so cover can change as your needs do.

Simplified Claims Process should you ever need to make a claim.

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*Please note that as we use a panel of top UK Insurers, not all features and benefits stated may be available. Your Advisor can explain specific insurers features & benefits during your call

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